EP 3 – Bugs

This week we explore the theme of BUGS! OOOooo. We have everything from a date with a bug to latin bugs! And we introduce a new stand-up segment where we each do 2 minutes of stand-up about the theme. So that means BUG JOKES! Watch out other podcasts! All that and more on this week’s Schlubs. Bugs will never be the same.

EP 1 – Birthday

We are back! New show! Same old Schlubs! Each week we will explore a different theme, anything from “birthdays” to “fruit” to ANYTHING!

Join the Schlubs this week as we tackle the theme of “birthday”! We’ve got bad birthdays. We’ve posed the question, “Why do we celebrate birthdays?” And Chelsea HAS PRESENTS! All that and more on this weeks Schlubs! Birthdays will never be the same.

Schlubs presents presents:

present 1
present 2
present 3
present 4


"Can we have a conversation?"